Make Savings The Next Time You Redecorate Your Home

redecorating savings

Many people put off redecorating their home because of the cost, even if they’re terribly sick and tired of the same old decor and their interiors dearly need a makeover. If you’re one of these long-suffering homeowners, we can empathise. It could be difficult to give your home a facelift if you’re on a tight budget, which is why we’ve come up with some tips that will help you brighten up your space without blowing this month’s paycheck.

Here’s how you can make savings when you redecorate your home.

Buy new linen and decor using discount codes.

When redecorating, buying new things is unavoidable. To save money, buy what you need using discount codes, which will give you instant savings on linen, furniture, fixtures, decor and other accents you wish to incorporate into your home. Many home retail stores will even give bigger discounts and free shipping when your order total reaches a minimum amount. Make sure to get a Habitat promo code the next time you shop at Habitat to continue to shore up on your savings.

If there’s a particular piece of furniture you’ve have had your eye on but couldn’t quite afford, grab a discount code that will bring its price down within the range of your budget. It’s really that easy!

Breathe new life into furniture instead of replacing it.

An alternative way to make your furniture look new and up-to-date is to have new covers and pillowcases made. For example, sofas that look a little worse for wear may only need to be reupholstered and fitted with a new cover that will complement the color scheme you have in mind. You can also use throw pillows as accents.

If you can’t quite find a ready-made pillowcase that fits, purchase textile in bulk and have your trusted seamstress make you new cases. You not only get the design you want but also help someone in their livelihood.

Brighten up with paint.

For many households, a fresh coat of paint may be all that’s needed to make an instant, but noticeable change in the interiors. A lighter colour will make the room appear brighter, while a contrasting colour on an opposite wall can add drama. Rearrange the furniture a bit, and any room will look and feel like new–and all you’ve spent on is paint (and a few materials such as rollers and brushes, of course)!

Repurpose or reuse existing household items.

To save more money, look around you for ordinary household items that can serve another purpose. Old glass jars, for instance, can be painted over to become decorative pieces or small vases for plants and flowers, which can instantly brighten up a room.

Mason jars have become a hit in this manner, simply because they can be used to hold almost anything–from small bathroom supplies to brightly coloured pebbles your children have collected over the years. Browse art and craft websites like Pinterest for inspiration and nifty ideas on reusing or repurposing various household items.

Hunt for bargains at flea markets.

Flea markets, charity shops, estate auctions and even websites like eBay are a treasure trove of used household items you can use when redecorating your home. There are plenty of bargain finds that will surely suit your interiors–it can take some time and some hard work digging through everything, but it will all be worth it in the end once you see an armoire or antique lamp you’ve always wanted to have at a cheap price.